So what is woodblock printing and why should you care?

So what is woodblock printing and why should you care?

Let's start with what printing actually is. At its core most printers just simply squirt ink onto a surface (usually paper) and then let it dry to form some form of image or text. That is what we are doing as well with our woodblocks. So what's stopping you from printing onto wood yourself?

Well two things mainly. One is the simple fact that many printers wouldn't fit a piece of wood inside them. And even if you could fit some wood inside your printer it would not stay on the block for very long. This is due to the air drying nature of most printers which relies on a piece of paper's ability to soak up some of the moisture. In our process to counteract this we use a special method to cure/dry the wood block prints. 

This involves having our printer transfer the ink onto the wood (or any other material in our case) and then bathing it in UV light. This helps cure and seal the ink so that our prints are longer lasting, and more durable when compared to most standard printing methods.

But again why should you care about this? Well because our wood block photo prints are really a great way for you to preserve and capture your most precious memories! We also offer a range of ever expanding materials for you to print upon! 

Our range currently includes high quality pine wood, aluminium and glass. WIth a large range in sizes there really is something for everyone in our store!

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