Bring out the 35mm Slides!

Bring out the 35mm Slides!

In the Hornsby Showroom, we get at least 1 phone call a day asking what these things are called and whether we can get them converted to a file. In actual fact, we do know what they are, they're called 35mm Slides and we can certainly scan them in! 

In fear of this La Nina weather, we recommend you bring in your slides and VHS tapes before they go mouldy!

If you have a heap of these slides, we can either convert them to a digital file for you or we sell these scanners so you can do it yourself. The Digitalk Handyscan Slide and Negative Film Scanner we stock is $199. If you prefer that we do it for you we can convert them from as little as $0.60c-$2.30 per slide. Check out the link here if you would like to see the price ranges. 

Don't let your memories fade away. Jump in and do something about it now before La Nina steals them forever. 

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