Straight from your phone to your home

Straight from your phone to your home

Ever gone online and really struggled to order the product you want? Yeah, us too. It's honestly such a frustrating thing when a website is very slow to load or has a bad interface. I usually spend about a minute on that site before closing it to never go there again. 

This whole idea of ease of use was super important to us when we redesigned our website. We were looking to build a fluid experience that will allow customers no matter what device they are on to order our products quickly and easily; and we believe we have managed to do that!

When you go onto any one of our photo products you are greeted by a simple easy to use upload button, which when clicked upon allows you to select and add to cart the photos you want! It even has a handy guideline to let you know what will and will not be printed in your order. Honestly it's so easy anyone can do it! It doesn't even matter what device you're on! Phone, tablet computer you name it our website can run perfectly on it.

So once you have added it to your cart and paid for it what happens next? Well first off it is received by our printing experts, they then prepare it for printing and ensure that the photo is all good to go. If they have any issues or concerns they will contact you immediately and get it sorted as quickly as possible to ensure your order is sent out in time.

Once it is ready to go it is printed on one of our specialised printers. It is then hand wrapped and packed ready to be shipped out. Then depending on whether you have selected to pick it up at one of our awesome stockists or have it shipped right to your door it is sent out to the location you requested. Did you know if you pick it up from one of your local stockists you don't even need to pay for shipping!

Got any questions on any of this? Be sure to contact us at Kaieda so we can help you get your order sorted right away!

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