Custom Tee Shirt Printing

Custom Tee Shirt Printing

Hey you, yeah you! Ever wanted your own top-quality piece of custom merch? Well, why not design it yourself and get us to print it?

Or have you ever just wanted to get some of your own t-shirts printed with a custom design on them? Well, guess what! We now offer sublimation printing!

Woah, woah but wait... what is sublimation printing?

Well back in the day, custom tee shirts were printed usually with a transfer method that resulted in well, less than ideal quality. Sublimation however came along and changed all that! Gone were the days of tee shirts, you couldn’t wash and designs that faded after meer hours in the sun. So how does this process actually work?

Well first off you have to send us whatever it is you want us to print. Once we have your file (uploaded through our super convenient system on our website) we get to work. 

Then it is sublimation time. To put it simply, our sublimation printing uses ink and heat to transfer a design or image onto a range of materials. But why can’t you just print onto your t-shirt from a home printer? Well, a normal printer just squirts ink onto your page and then allows it to dry whereas a sublimation printer actually penetrates into the layers of the fabric using heat to ensure that when it is finished your design is there to stay.

Have you ever needed to go to a dress up party and couldn't find the exact outfit you wanted? We can help you with personalised tees! 

Gift some prank tees. We don’t judge, send us your funniest, ugliest faces of your friends and get them printed on a tee. Get matching tees for the whole family. We print all different sizes.

So why not use your own local Sydney t-shirt printing company and get some awesome designs printed for you and your friends!

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