How does Wood Block Printing Work?

How does Wood Block Printing Work?

You can print on wood now? Huh?? Is this some weird technology from the future?

Thankfully not, printing on woodblocks is quite a real process. But how does it work I hear you ask? Well as with all good modern conveniences it starts with you whipping out your smartphone, uploading a photo, and sending it over to us at Kaieda.

When we receive your file we carefully prepare it for printing onto one of our woodblocks. To print, we actually use a revolutionary method called UV printing. The difference between this method and a standard home printer is once our design is transferred onto the woodblock rather than air drying it is cured via a UV light to ensure that your design is on that woodblock to stay.

We then package your order up by hand and ship it out to you wherever you would like! Or alternatively, you can pick it up for free at one of our many stockists located across Australia! 

But guess what else! It doesn’t just have to be used on woodblocks! We can print on so many other materials! Metal prints, Glass prints, and acrylic prints you name it. So long as the object is flat we can most likely get an image onto it. Our metal prints are especially good as decals for your wall! Maybe even for a feature piece for your man cave. It really is easy to get your custom prints onto your own piece of wood, metal, or glass. 

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